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Heavy Hitter-Heavy Duty Mens Leather Belt


A serious belt for the serious bloke. This handmade leather belt is made from 11 ounce (4.2mm thick) premium buffalo leather. It is 4.2mm wide and double stitched with 250lb breaking strain waxed thread. All fitting are made from solid brass and are selected to make sure they are tough and durable.

If you need a heavy duty mens leather belt that lasts, then our “Heavy Hitter” is perfect for you.


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The buckle of this heavy duty mens leather belt is made from a die cast 100% brass which weighs around 125grams. The belt length is adjustable and the belt screws are made from nickel plated solid brass to make sure they have enough grunt to do their job and go the distance.

Even though this belt is a heavy duty item designed to last and keep your trousers on, the leather is soft and pliable making it a pleasure to wear.

This leather belt comes in black only. It is coloured using the same method used by leather workers for hundreds of years giving you a full thickness colour through the entire belt. This method is not a traditonal dye and is a chemical reaction of the leather which changes the leather. It will never fade, scratch off or change. All you need to do is rub a little leather treatment into the leather occasionally to make sure your belt is happy.

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Comes in Earth Tone Grey


CoolMax Cotton/Polyester Blend


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