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Tan Classic Men’s Buffalo Leather Belt


Our tan coloured genuine buffalo leather belts are made from heavy duty vegetable tanned leathers only. The lighter colour gives these belts that classic vintage feel and shows off the natural patina and grain of the leather.

Because we do not coat our leather and craft all our products from full grain leather each belt has its own unique appearance due to the natural range marks of the the leather. These belts age well and only get better with time.

Here a PackCamel Leather we select the best components to make sure all our products last.


Old school standard with straight up brass buckle and heavy thread stitching. This is belt that the old timers love and perfect for trendsetter that want that that traditional look, feel and quality. Made from full grain water buffalo 4mm thick and a width of 3.8mm this is a belt that shows off the nature grain of leather. Because we do not sand out natural range marks, these belts show off the texture and beauty of full grain leather.

We can supply this belt in sizes from 30″ to 45″ and in black, brown, chocolate burgundy and natural tanned skin with no colour. For the bigger guy we can also custom make this belt in sizes up to 50-55 inches.

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X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Comes in Earth Tone Grey


CoolMax Cotton/Polyester Blend


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