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full grain Full Grain Leather:

Full grain leather is exactly what the name says. It is the best of all leathers and is made from tanned hides with the natural skin surface still on.

Depending on whether it has been dyed or coloured, this leather will develop a rich patina with use which highlights the natural grains and textures of the surface.

It is not split or coated in any way and is the only leather of choice for a premium product.

All Weather Leather/ Action Leather:

This plastic/chemically coated type of leather has become popular with many producers of leather goods due its low cost and slightly waterproof qualities. It is marketed under many different names and in classified as genuine leather by law.

It is made by splitting hides and removing the flesh side from the natural skin side. The flesh-side (bottom of the leather) is then coated with plastic (polyurethane) which is then textured to make it look like genuine leather.

Split Leather/Dressed Leather:

leather types

This leather type is similar to the “All Weather Leather”. It is made from split leather and then coated with different chemicals to seal the surface and textured in a factory to give the appearance of being genuine leather. It is also sometimes made from what is called reconstituted leather or leather board.

Call it what you will these leathers are not genuine leathers. Dress a pig in a suit and it is still a pig (or maybe a sausage).

Reconstituted Leather

Reconstituted leather and leather board is classified as genuine leather because real leather is used in its production. It is made by cutting leather scrap and waste into small pieces and then adding a glue or chemical compound.

It is then pressed into a sheet before a surface coat made from plastic or other chemical is added to provide the leather texture finish.

There are many types of leather being sold from all different origins. Here at PackCamel we only use full grain leathers.