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Our Production Process

Production always starts with the leather. Our team members have great experience in leather selection and spend many hours in the markets hand selecting the best skins.

After carefully selecting leathers we grade each skin to evaluate which product it is going be used on then plan production based on the leather thickness, texture and shape. Each skin is then hand cut according to the product being made and then trimmed to remove rough edges and wet-formed ready for colouring.


Solid Black LeatherWe have a range of techniques used to colour our leathers. Not every product we make is the same and each is dyed or coloured according to specific requirements. We use only stable and versatile dyes for all products with the exception of our heavy duty full grain leather belts in black which are coloured using the traditional metal oxide reaction which softens the leather and changes the leather colour through chemical reaction.

This technique makes leather black all the way through and provides a solid colour that is stable and can never come out.

Once our leathers have been coloured we treat them with selected oils to prevent drying and deterioration of the leather fibers and surface layer. This helps to soften the leather and bring back the shine and life.

After the leather is coloured and treated final shaping and sealing of the leather takes place. We typically use a natural gum product to seal and waterproof the flesh-side and edges of the leather. (sealant may also be applied after the product has been finished , it all depends on what is being made).

Stitching By Hand:

making6Once our leather is ready we carefully hand punch the leather and begin the job of hand stitching each piece.

Our products are made to be strong and durable, so even our thread is made from some of the toughest material possible.

For our belts we even hand stitch our keepers instead of using those little staples that are popular with mass produced belts. Once the stitching is complete we are ready for final touches, leather conditioning.

Packing and Shipping:

Every item is carefully checked for imperfections before shipping. Our products are carefully packaged in quality gift boxes to keep them safe in transit and to make them a pleasure to recieve.